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Drops Gummies, a product exclusively made with cannabis grown at Smoky Flower Farm™ in Oregon and offered by Drops Candies, is a testament to the power of outdoor farming and its benefits–sustainability, economy, and plant resilience. These principles, which guided the farm’s 30 years of experience as vintners in the Willamette Valley, make Smoky Flower Farm™ one of Oregon’s premier cannabis grows.

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Drops Gummies journey begins with the cannabis harvest. The plants are carefully de-leafed and quickly flash-frozen with dry ice. The frozen plants are processed into Live Rosin, which is a solventless concentrate with a full spectrum of flavor and effects. This flash-freezing method preserves terpenes that would otherwise be lost in traditional drying and curing processes, and also prevents the plant material from decomposing.

Buy Drops gummies online.

Drops gummies is more than just a mouthwatering candy. It is a collection of experiences, made possible by our key ingredient – live rosin. As a full spectrum concentrate, live rosin preserves the full array of psychoactive compounds that make each strain unique.
Each of our 10 Drops flavors is infused with a unique cannabis strain, so you can choose the experience that’s right for you. When selecting our strains, we seek out the widest variety of effects possible. Try them all and find your favorite!


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